Photo Credit:  Brett Cullen

Photo Credit: Brett Cullen

Beauty, with Purpose.

My name is Ross Vanosch.  I am a graphic designer with 10 years of experience specializing in creative direction for print media, packaging layout & branding.

My love for technology & music found common purpose during my late high school years. I discovered my local music scene around the same time I discovered Photoshop. Whenever I bought new albums, I found myself spending just as much time staring at the artwork and layouts as listening to the music itself.
While I fumbled through my first year of post-secondary education in a field I wasn't passionate about, I found most of my free time consumed by an interest in design. I was exploring design blogs and portfolios on the internet while offering my limited set of skills to friends, organizations and musicians I knew personally to design posters, merchandise and album artwork. This eventually led to a student design intern position with my local performing arts centre for a summer. At this point I committed myself to pursuing graphic design not just as a passion or hobby, but as a career. I've built my skillset and expanded my disciplines over the years, as well as my client base.

Design is as much about the purpose of a final product as its beauty. I am confident in my ability to take the beauty of fine art and marry it with the functionality of purpose for my clients' projects.

I'm always eager to meet new clients and tackle bigger and more challenging projects. Don't hesitate to contact me with any design inquiries.